What & Why

What is the Listen Speak game?

It’s a simple game for two people to practice languages together. It involves two people and two languages. One native speaker of one language and another native speaker of the second language.

The game has structure that is easy to follow. Since it involves two people, the game adjusts as it continues. Each player gauges how difficult or easy a particular thing is. The game should stay challenging but not become discouraging.

The game focuses on listening and speaking. To test listening, one player writes down what is said. To help speaking, one player corrects pronunciation. Roles are reversed with each ’round’ of the game.

Each round should take approximately five minutes.

Why play it?

Depending on the language you are trying to learn, it may not be difficult to find language exchange partners.

However, conversations with people who are not professional teachers may not always help you progress effectively.

The game provides some structure and a system for both players to stay challenged and learn something each time they play.

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