Video for CHN 101, Shi Laoshi 石老师, University of Oregon

(Chinese/Pinyin/English Translation)

1. 大家好

2. Dàjiā hǎo
wǒ jiào Neal
wǒ zhù zài jiāzhōu
wǒ xuéle zhōngwén yī nián bànle

3. Hello everyone
My name is Neal
I live in California
I learned Chinese year and a half

Made this video at the request of your teacher of CHN 101, Shi Laoshi 石老师.

It seems like most people in China start learning English at an early age, however, they often learn to read/write more than speak and therefore many Chinese people would like to practice speaking English. If you are learning Chinese, that means that potentially there are many Chinese people who can help you learn the language. This website started as a way of explaining a game I created to practice.

Most things become more fun and useful as you get better at them, same case with Chinese.

In terms of learning characters, if you want to really get them, you may want to start with the radicals. There are about 200 Chinese radicals, kind of like our letters, what the characters are built out of. Memrise can help quite a bit for that. I’m using this course there now,

Feel free to ask any questions using the comments form and check out this website more.

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