Tutoring Spanish #7 El Viento y El Sol, Animated Story

Saw this video which I used in a lesson today.

Much of it was understandable for my first year Spanish student (from China).

We paused it to figure out some words. Some words we skipped over which I did not think were all that common

And some words you could figure out from what you saw in the video.

Talked about some related words. For example, we saw barcos and I talked about how botes are similar. But botas are more like zapatos.

Sonreir, reir, sonrisa

These three words are related. First is to smile, second is to laugh, third is smile (noun).

Double negatives

In Spanish you use double negatives, unlike in English.

More vocabulary

Wrote down some new words that could be useful.

Sentence structure

Also saw a few new types of sentence structure.

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