Tutoring Spanish #6 ‘e’ vs ‘i’ sound

We started by looking at an essay.

Mis mañanas Típicas

Singular/plural and masculine/feminine have to all match up.

Looked a bit at reflexive verbs, such as ‘me visto’ for getting dressed.

Spent some time on the pronunciation in the Luis Miguel song and the flow of the words.

Something to focus on for pronunciation is ‘e’ vs ‘i’. Me, te, le vs mi, ti, etc.

Read a bit in Calvin and Hobbes in Spanish, comprehension is getting better.

Could be good to listen to another podcast.

Also made some progress working on rolling the ‘r’. It’s similar in some ways to a saxophone reed. Your mouth should not be too open. Good to sustain the sound and then add it into words with it. Can take a bit of practice. Was glad to see it’s improving.

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