Pacing with the Hello Chinese App

I have been doing a little bit of practice with ‘Hello Chinese’ most days for a little while now. Didn’t do any when I was on a trip last week, but starting to practice again.

I was doing two lessons a day and then switched to one lesson a day. But then I was thinking about whether that was really enough to learn much and I think it probably isn’t.

So today, I decided just to work on it for twenty minutes and see how far I could get.

I ended up getting 130 points. Had done about five lessons I thought, but at first, I wasn’t sure exactly what that had meant. Then I tried a couple of the lessons to see how the points system works. Basically, the speaking parts are 25 points and the normal lessons are 20 points. So I think I did two speaking parts and four normal lessons. I ended up doing two more parts figuring that out.

Sometimes you can get through the lessons very quickly and they also vary in difficulty, so I thought that practicing for a set amount of time could be better. Twenty minutes seems like a good starting point for now. There have been times when I have studied Chinese for much longer than that each day, but that seems like a good minimum.

With playing music, I also recommend for students to get at least twenty minutes in a day. The more important part is that the practice is daily. The same amount of practice spread across seven days can be much more effective than if it was crammed into a day or two. Part of that has to do with getting things into your long term memory instead of relying on short term memory which can fade faster.

And sometimes if you start something, you’ll want to continue longer than you planned, which can be a good thing.


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