One Week of Hello Chinese at Higher Pace

Hello Chinese allows you to set a daily goal of ‘coins’ from 10-50. But I set my own goal of twenty minutes and that has corresponded with approximately 100 coins/day. I went ahead and set my daily goal using the function of the app at 50 coins. It’s possible the final lessons will reduce my rate of completion if they are more difficult, but I imagine I’ll still be able to get more than 50 coins in 20 minutes.


After a week of working on the app for twenty minutes each day, here is my progress chart,


I have completed 36 sets of lessons, each set has between three and five lessons.

There are 9 lesson sets left. I finish approximately 1.5 lesson sets in a day, so I should complete the ‘tree’ in about a week.

There are also review sections which I’m not counting but which are useful.

For me, it seems like the speaking parts are the most useful, the variety of formats of exercises also helps, it makes you think about the language from slightly different angles.

The writing part has been the least systematic for me, but I have been recognizing more patterns within the characters by doing these exercises. It just doesn’t seem like a very effective way to learn writing.

Certain lessons in Hello Chinese seem more useful to me personally. So I’m going to finish the tree to unlock everything and then focus more on what I find the most useful.

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