Listen Speak Game with Advanced Speakers, Mixing Things Up

weiwei pianoHad a conversation about the Listen Talk Game the other day. Basically, from the perspective of a Chinese English tutor in China.

Basically, she was able to play the game and make very few mistakes most of the time. A few here and there. The game ended up being more useful for me since my level of Chinese is lower than her level of English.

She thought that the game is better for beginning/lower-intermediate. So I think that would translate to A1, A2, B1, and possibly B2.

It’s easiest to come up with sentences for the other person actually if their level of language is a bit lower. Basically that means that anything will work. If it’s too hard, you adjust, but it’s less likely for you to come up with something that is too easy.

Essentially, when practicing language with someone who has an advanced level of your language, you can use the Listen Speak Game, but you will need to put more thought into what you say out loud. It will need to be both challenging enough and useful for that person.

You can also think of the Listen Speak Game as just one tool for practice, especially if it is useful for one of the two people.

Other activities that you can mix in include,

  • Pronunciation Correction
  • Free Talk
  • Asking questions about a specific topic

There are many ways to practice language.

But just as ‘free talk’ would probably not be as helpful for someone on day 1, the Listen Speak Game may not be the only way you should practice with someone who is more advanced. And if you do play the game with such a person, make it challenging and useful.


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