“Is 15 too old to fluently learn a language? I really want to be fluent in Russian or Japanese.”


No, it’s not.

Spanish at 15

I started learning Spanish at 15 and I would say I’m fluent. Could definitely keep improving at it, but I understand about 95% of what I hear and more sometimes (as well as less other times). Can express myself pretty well.

German at 19

I started learning German when I was 19 and can have conversations with people, my level is a bit lower than compared to my Spanish. At one point my German was better than my Spanish.

Chinese at 28

I started learning Chinese when I was 28. Not fluent yet, but I could be with more work. Have no reason to doubt I could get there.

Would I be better at any of these languages if I started earlier? Probably.

At the same time, I became better at German compared to Spanish and I started learning it later. When you start something is not the only factor in determining your ultimate ability.

“Child prodigies” with music sometimes stop playing music.

For me, I did not consistently put in work learning Spanish and German. Could maybe even make a graph of that.

I could speak either Spanish or German much better right now if I had approached it differently. But I can speak both in a way that could be described as fluent.

I would recommend starting now and dedicating yourself to anything you want to learn.

But don’t doubt you can do it.

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