How to Play the Listen Speak Game on Wechat, Chinese/English

I first played the Listen Speak Game on HelloTalk. The corrections button makes it easier to correct things for both people, highlights the changes and no need to copy/paste.


You can play the Listen Speak Game with Wechat also though, just takes a little bit more work.

First step is to explain the rules if the other person hasn’t played before.

You can tell them to check out the guidelines on this website and you can ask questions here too.

If you go first and see what the other person writes, you can then copy and paste it and make corrections by putting parentheses around the words that have been changed. I find that makes it pretty easy to see.

Another way in which Wechat is slightly more work to use for this game is that you have to start audio messages from the beginning each time. In HelloTalk, you can drag the blue bar to any point in the message once it has started.

You can translate what is written in Wechat, but you can’t convert it to Pinyin automatically, so I find that I’ll copy and paste and then go to Google Translate to see the Pinyin sometimes.

There is an even more effective way to listen to the recordings (especially when they are challenging) but it involves using more tools and software.

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