Finished the Hello Chinese Tree

Today I finished the lessons for Hello Chinese


This is what the last week of practice looks like,


So went through the threshold of 50 coins once during that time.

I noticed that the ‘review’ sections seem to reset, I did two of those today.


The graphic changes when it’s been reviewed. I tried doing one of these sections again to see if the graphic changed again but it did not.

At this point, I’ll check back to see what happens to the ‘reviewed’ sections and how long they take to return to ‘needs review’. Those sections seems like they will be good to work on. I think I will also focus on doing the speaking sections, maybe more slowly. Would like to try to get my score on those sections higher. In general, my scores were above 4.0

I think I would like them to be above 4.5.

I redid the first speaking section just now,


To get that score, I redid everything until it was completely green (correct). So redoing and correcting will not get you a perfect score, seems like you need to get it all right the first time. There seems to be at least one problem that I noticed. 你好,Nǐ hǎo, has two third tones in a row. Normally that would mean that the first would change to the second tone, rising. However, in the app, they want you to pronounce two third tones in a row. So there may be a few issues. The spoken recognition seems decent, but not perfect, so I will keep that in mind.

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