Learning from Mistakes in Chinese, Mistake #1

You can feel bad about mistakes or you can learn from them.

Chinese isn’t the easiest language in the world, so I make mistakes all the time. But I don’t feel bad about them. I also do not ignore them.

When I do math and physics, many times I’ll try something and see that it doesn’t work. That is also how many things have been invented. By trying something out, you see how well it works and how it may need to be adjusted. With math problems, it’s often better to cross out something that didn’t work with a single line, rather than erase it. It’s good to know what you tried and how you will change things from there.

With Chinese, it’s a similar situation. It helps to see what doesn’t work as well as what does work and why something didn’t work.

You can find many examples of correct Chinese. And probably without too much trouble, you can find examples of incorrect Chinese. I thought it might be useful to have some examples of incorrect Chinese with the corrections. You might be able to learn from my mistakes just as I do.

In the Chinese Skill app, you get an angry panda when you make mistakes! But you also can see the correction.

Here’s one I got wrong,

Chinese Mistake take the subway

I somewhat got the meaning, but left out one key idea about getting home. I mixed up where the person was trying to go. They started from the airport and were trying to get home, not trying to get to the airport!