“Mentioned” and future tense English Correction


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Singular vs Plural, English Correction


Common mistake.

How to Translate 加油 to English? (And how not to)

A common Chinese phrase, 加油,seems to often be translated into English in ways that do not really make sense.

Here are a couple of options that work, there are other ways to say something with a similar meaning as well.

Literally it means ‘add oil’ in Chinese.


English Listening Exercise #4 Penguin Drawings

About two drawings of penguins.


English Correction About Listen Speak Game


I’m often able to understand people learning English, but many times the structure is not quite right.

Let me know if you have questions about the correction.

English Listening Exercise #3 Elephant Drawing

Difficult to Say English Words Video #1

A few words that people asked about who are learning English.



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Listening Exercise #3, Electricity and Circuits (Much more challenging)

If the first two listening exercises seemed very easy for you, here’s a harder exercise. It’s a lesson I did about physics, electricity and circuits.

This video is at my normal speaking pace.

Go ahead and listen if you’re up for a challenge. You can try part of it or all of it.

English Listening Exercise #2| My drawing of a butterfly

February 5, 2013

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