Tutoring Spanish

We mostly reviewed for the test that was the next day. Went through questions and how to respond to them orally.

Talked a bit about gender and singular/plural. Looked at how ‘a + el’ combines into ‘al’.

Saw how the sentence structure connects different parts, though it can be a bit different than English.

35 English Listening Exercises

Struggling in Chinese with the game

I played the listen speak game yesterday in Chinese. I was listening to a 47 second recording that was basically spoken at a normal pace.

What I thought I heard is the top line in each case and the corrections are below.

If you miss more than half of something, the whole thing becomes green and the whole top becomes red, even if there are a few parts which are correct.

So for six of those lines, I missed less than half. The rest, more than half.

Basically, missing that much can become a little frustrating. I try to be patient, but in general it’s better if you can get more than 50% right for all the lines or at least almost all of them.

Once you play the game, you can adjust the length and speed of what you say to match the other person better. You don’t want it to be too easy or too hard. Somewhere where it’s a challenge, but not overwhelming.

Listening Speak Game Arabic Listening Exercise #1 Beginning

Let me know if you would like to see more.

Listening Speak Game Mandarin Listening Exercise #3 (Beginning)

Listening Speak Game Mandarin Listening Exercise #2 (Advanced)


Listening Speak Game Mandarin Exercise #1 (Beginning)

From Tzuwen

A1C Day 60 Mandarin, Neal Round 3

Thirty Days into the Add1Challenge with Mandarin, Round 3

Had a conversation for about 16 minutes with a Chinese person living in München. Apparently that’s the extra credit option. Learned a few new words, the conversation went in kind of a funny direction later on with her talking about how America isn’t safe because of guns, but she didn’t realize Switzerland also has a lot of guns. Here’s about 5 minutes of it.

Basically, I’m trying to get as much speaking practice as I can with teachers and language exchange partners. Then I use flashcards, apps, a little and spend a bit of time listening to podcasts in the car when I am able.

In the next thirty days I’ll mostly keep to what I have been doing, but get deeper into a few specific topics I think.

Add1Challenge Day 0 Mandarin, Round 3

My third round of the Add1 Challenge with Chinese. Trying to get closer to being able to speak comfortably.